Hypocrisy of Choice


The hypocrisy of our President is very evident today in the wake of the Connecticut elementary school shooting where at least 18 students were killed.

You see, the choice that the gunman made today to kill 18 children is condemned because he took 18 precious lives.

Yet, the choice that a mother makes to kill her child is tolerated, defended, subsidized and even lauded despite the fact that she too takes a precious life.

What makes these 18 children more important, more valuable than children in the womb? Or rather, what makes children in the womb less precious, less valuable than children in a classroom?

Humans never cease to disgust me with their excuse making and double speak when it comes to the value of human life.

Holy Mary, pray for the souls of the precious children lost today by the choice of another. May they find everlasting rest in Jesus, our King. And may the families who lost someone today be comforted in the wounded heart of Christ. And may the dignity of all children be upheld and protected by those called to defend, whether they be embryos, fetuses, infants, toddlers, children, or teenagers. Christ have mercy on us.

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