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Going on hiatus until September. Don’t worry. Just need a break from blogging, and want to enjoy this beautiful summer we are having! Check back often for some automatic scheduled reposts of old blogs until then! See you in the Fall!

Yet Another Project Story: Julia

(Reblogged from October 13, 2008)

I have a lot of these, probably enough to last me until about March or April.

Katirose and I were sharing one excruciatingly hot Monday morning at SDSU. We decided that we would check the library for students to talk to, mostly because it was air conditioned in there. We went down into the library and we found a girl sitting near the back of one of the huge rooms there. She was sitting on her laptop writing a paper. Katirose took the lead in the conversation, and went through the Quest survey with the girl, named Julia, from Germany. Julia wasn’t really sure what happened after death and she did not know what it meant to be a Christian, but…..she did believe that there was something out there, but that she did not know him, and perhaps that it was even impossible to know him. However, she said that if it were possible to know him, that would be the number one desire of her heart, to know him. We invited her to our Bible Study and to Friday Night Live, but she never came. We did give her a copy of the Knowing God Personally book, and so we hope that she read it and understood. We prayed for her and were so excited about her desire to know God. Pretty sure that was one of the best days we had sharing on campus.

My Mass Experience

(Reblogged from October 28, 2008)

I am posting this due to a request to hear about my experience at Mass. I went to St. Joseph’s across the river in Moorhead, MN. To begin with, the actual church building was not what I would typically associate with a Catholic church. It seemed fairly new, and so, thus, my perception was already changed in one way or another. I came into the service knowing that there were a lot of things that would be done that I wouldn’t understand, and I knew for sure that I could not take Communion, and I wasn’t sure what else I would not be able to do, so I just kind of fumbled around. Immediately as we walked in was a fount of some sort with holy water or something. Megan dipped her hand in it, I didn’t though, I probably should have though. Once we found our seat, we knealt down and joined in the prayer being spoken by a woman somewhere from within the church. I am pretty sure that they were saying the rosary because they continued saying, “Hail Mary, full of grace….something something…..and blessed be the fruit of your womb, Jesus Christ,” or something to that effect and then something different would be said between those Hail Mary’s. Then it got confusing as we went into the actual Mass, going through some liturgical worship. Even though I didn’t sing along, it fealt good to listen to them sing. I have to admit, though, that for me the highlight of the service was the Eucharist (Communion). It was strange to me, they way they blessed the bread and wine and such, and I remembered what Tom told me, that Catholics believed that the bread and wine were the actual blood and flesh of Jesus Christ. I thought, “What if that is true? What if they very body of my Savior is like right there, in this room? What if this really does perpetuate his sacrifice?” I shuddered, thinking about how amazing that would be, and I really wished that I could have taken Communion with everyone else. That’s really all I remember. I enjoyed it and I really hope that I can go again this weekend.


(Reblogged from September 14, 2008)

So Megan gave me this link. It goes to an article about the conversion of a Presbyterian minister to Roman Catholicism. When I decided to read it, I honestly didn’t expect much, but….

…it was far more interesting than I thought it would be and all of a sudden it made me really excited. I don’t know why. What is God doing? I can’t say for sure, but I am going to approach my question writing in a different light. Rather than asking shallow questions and then try to attack the answers, I just want to ask deep questions and not respond, just let it soak in and let God lead me to truth.

God is So…More Than Words Can Describe

(Reblogged from July 9, 2008)

This is killing the giants week on project. It is a time for each of us to conquer our fears or talk to people that we are scared to talk to about spiritual matters. One of my particular fears is sharing my faith by myself, all alone, with nobody else but the Holy Spirit. I went to SDSU today, even though I went yesterday, for the lone reason of sharing alone. It took me awhile, hours actually, before I could no longer argue with myself into not approaching somebody. I prayed to God that he would make this first time an easy one. I saw this guy sitting on a bench and so I went up to him and initiated a conversation with a Quest survey. He said that his name was Phil and that he had grown up in the church but had fallen away but was now pursuing God again and started going to church. I felt like I was intruding on his studying, so I wrapped up and just urged him to keep searching. After I left I felt kind of bad, like I had let God down by not taking the conversation all the way through the gospel, giving Phil the chance to understand the gospel and pray to receive Christ.

Awhile later I ran into Travis, one of the guys I’ve grown closest with on project and he was really excited. I asked him to tell me the story and he said that he talked to this guy and walked through the gospel with him and that he prayed to receive Christ (he went into a little more detail than that, but that was the gist) and that his name was Phil. I couldn’t believe it. God is Sovereign and he showed that to me today. I didn’t do what God wanted to be accomplished and so he accomplished it through someone else. It’s so reassuring to me.

Then we had a bus/public transportation outreach tonight. Cole, Eric and I got on bus 9 to Old Town and we talked to this Irish guy named Brian. We didn’t really get into much of a spiritual conversation with him, but found out a little bit about himself and the fact that he starts at Sea World on Tuesday. Cole invited him to a picnic we are having on Sunday and Brian is going to come and bring all of his Irish friends with him. Then we got on the blue line trolley that goes downtown and then to the US/Mexican border. We sat down with this guy wearing a Sea World polo and so we talked to him. His name was Abel and he is a lead for the merchandise vendors. It was pretty cool talking to him. He lives about 2 train stations away from the border, so we got to talk to him for about 40-45 minutes. It was a really good talk. We learned about his spiritual background and a lot about this really cool guy. He is only 18 and going to be a sophomore in college this coming year and he was just really awesome.

God has just really tackled my giants today and helped me to share alone and to initiate real world spiritual conversations. I love God and he loves me.

Foolish Pride

(Reblogged from June 28, 2008)

It seems as if when I focus all my attention on one area of sin, Satan is more able to creep in other ways without me noticing, and pride is definitely one of those ways. Just days after my discipler compliments me on my humility, I find myself having very prideful thoughts about something that doesn’t even matter. As a Sea World vendor, I have become very good at nearly selling out of whatever I am selling at a show. Normally it doesn’t matter, but today I thought about how great I am and how much I deserve the praise that the leads give me when I come back with most of my stuff sold. But today when I didn’t get some praise, I was so upset. I quickly realized what was happening and I felt horribly. Who cares if I can or cannot sell pop or churros or water at a dolphin show? Anheuser-Busch? Maybe, but they don’t really matter. I have been such a fool by letting pride slip into my life. I should be grateful that God even allows anyone to hire me and allows me to make any money at all.

Let Us Not Forget Who He Is

(Reblogged from March 7, 2008)

Let us not forget who God is.

God is the Creator.

God is all powerful. He created EVERYTHING from NOTHING.

He is transcendent of time.

All things are under His control.

He is a jealous God, jealous of the things that take our focus off of Him.

He is full of wrath and we are the objects of that wrath.

He is like a lion.

He is also like a lamb.

He is full of love.

He is patient.

He is kind.

He is full of mercy.

More importantly He is full of grace.

He is forgiving.

He is faithful.

He is good.

He is Holy.

He is the King of the Universe.

He is Sovereign.

Let us not forget, though, that while God is loving and merciful, He is not a teddy bear, waiting on us and giving us all the candy in the candy store. He is still Holy, and it is a wonder that He would even care about us. His power is so much more than we could ever imagine. I am reading Mere Christianity right now and there is a section where C.S. Lewis talks about the goodness of God:

The Moral Law does not give us any grounds for
thinking that God is ‘good’ in the sense of being indulgent, or soft, or
sympathetic. There is nothing indulgent about the Moral Law. It is as hard as
nails. It tells you to do the straight thing and it does not seem to care how
painful, dangerous, or difficult it is to do. If God is like the Moral Law, then
He is not soft….Some people talk as if meeting the gaze of absolute goodness
would be fun. They need to think again. They are still only playing with
religion. Goodness is either the great safety or the great danger – according to
the way you react to it. And we have reacted the wrong way.

Just remember not to tame the untamable God.


(Reblogged from March 27, 2008)

Sometimes I just feel like giving it all up. Maybe this only happens to me, but it feels like when I grow closer to God, I just feel more drained. Suddenly all kinds of distractions come up as if something or someone does not want me to be with God. It’s at these times that doubts are whispered into my ears, lies. And sometimes I think it is just me. There are moments when I just wish God would leave me alone and let me live a life of ease where I wasn’t called to a purpose. It is so exhausting. That’s how the enemy does it. He wrestles with me. There is definitely a battle going on in my heart and it leaves me tired, leaves me wanting out. But if I get out he wins, the enemy will be victorious.

Lord, please fight this battle with me. Bring victory for your kingdom. Amen.

My First Mass

I’m not breaking the hiatus, I am just reblogging some old content, so that you don’t forget about the blog before September!

(Reblogged from February 2, 2008)

So my next door neighbor is dating a nice Catholic girl, and so, I asked if I could go to Mass with them this week, and they said that that would be no problem. So this morning, I went to Mass at St. Paul’s Newman Center on the south corner of campus. Now this was the first time I had gone to Mass having any desire to worship God (I had gone to my cousin’s first communion about five years ago). From the moment we walked in, my eyes and ears were alert and open, taking everything in because Catholocism is so different from anything I have ever experienced.

There were so many things, like the holy water we dipped our hands in when we got there and when we left, the kneeling before a statue of Christ before we sat down and before anyone approached the front. Then there was the complicated book of songs and prayers and recitations, and the two men who accompanied the priest throughout the Mass. Then there was a sort of ritual before Communion. These are just a few prime examples of the things that were happening that I knew nothing about.

I am so curious as to what much of it means and why they do it. From the first glance, it seems like a bunch of pointless procedures, making faith in Christ much more complicated and intimidating than it needs to be. But that is at first glance, I certainly cannot say for sure that these things are pointless. I just have so many questions, and I want to find the answers.

I am thankful that I went with two of my good friends so that I did not make a complete idiot of myself during Mass today because I most definitely would have without them.